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Little Love /2017 F.S

Thank You For The Little Love You Gave To Me  – The Illusion It Could Be

Thanks for All The Times You Smile – I Gone Miss You For A While

Thank You For The Bit of Love You Gave To Me – The Illusion It Could Be

Thanks For All The Times You Talk To Me – Something Went Wrong I´m  Travelling On

I Could Not Get You , But You Got Me – 

Thanks For Illusion It Could Be

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–     At Some Day ( WH. 2008. by F.S)

SomeTimes Life Is A Worse Scene

SomeTimes AnyThing Goes Wrong,

SomeTimes You See No Way To Go

You Feel Like You´re In A HorrorShow.

SomeTimes You Miss The Feeling

That You´re Worthy,

For Your Own,

SomeTimes You Only See The Things

That You Haven´t Done.

At Some Day

You Will Be Happy

Never Give Up

The Time Will Come,

At Some Day

You Will Know Again How Beauty

Life Can Be


Unter des Wegs und Unter den Linden,

auf der Suche die Antwort zu finden…

/ F.S. 2015

F.Schmid    März 018

Flyin´High Flyin´Low  Across The Ocean Across The Snow

Having Good Times

Laughing, Joking And Make The Life Mine

Forget For These Moments

The Pain Of Time

All Of These Colors Are Fleeting Away

Often Searched For A Reason To Stay

I´ve Heared In The Silence  That Speaked To Me

We All Are Only Humans

Forgive And You´ll Be Free

Like Many People Said

It´s All In Your Head